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Impact has over 40 years combined experience providing dynamic, vibrant, colourful large and small scale murals throughout the UK and USA.
Our multi-skilled artists were responsible for the world’s longest mural at the famous Alder Hey children’s hospital and are still responsible for the hundreds of new and novel interactive murals to date.
Our much publicised team are amongst the fastest in the UK and guarantee a quick and efficient service with no disruption to the day to day running of your business or department.
Impact are highly competitive concerning price and can often provide large mural projects for less price than it is to deploy painters and decorators – with an obvious benefit to that environment. Plus the additional benefit offered that our glazed murals have a life of 15 years or more (depending on circumstances).
The impact team comprise of professional muralists, designers, cartoonists, decorating specialists and interior designers along with the interaction of other companies.
Impact provide for a large customer spectrum including the leisure industry, hospitals, domestic, special need schools, hotels, pubs, clubs, theme parks etc.
Our creative studio have developed product ideas like ‘Talking Wallpaper’, Interactive/Illuminated custom-made murals, corporate concept packages – like the children’s famous character concept, ‘The Werebears’. Also our studio caters for website design, graphic design and digital manipulation.

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The Impact studio excels in its ability to create concepts and develop characters for many markets and demographics, from the early years through to the teen market, and encompassing many businesses and corporations including major food retailers, the entertainment industry, high profile children’s play and activity ventures and established and published children’s characters.
Our studio produced many fun publications for the famous “Ninja Turtles”, the sensational and unique “Werebears”, the popular “Scouse mouse” comics and strips, “The Wanted comic” featuring Budgie Malone and Owl Capone, many fun books, board games etc, the list goes on.
Our full concept packages including murals, party rooms and character development and creation etc, i.e., Farmer Teds Farm park, Farmaggedon, Bubbles play and activity centres, cheeky monkeys adventure play world, Buddies Wacky warehouse etc etc.......... all reflect our ability to provide our clients with a winning formula.


Impact Murals totally supports the activities of the Art For Their Sake charity, and have done for many years. We provide our artists, materials and funding, whenever and wherever we possibly can.
Aims & Objectives of AFTS

  1. Provide interactive audio-visual wall art and decor throughout the school or hospital or whatever the institution.
  2. Provide tuition and guidance, inspiration and interaction within the projects.
  3. Provide an enjoyable project scheme and create an environment which educates, motivates, stimulates and excites.
  4. Strive to create an atmosphere of productive enjoyment, and propagate an appreciation of art.

Our projects will involve many visual and play interactive elements within the wall-art, and will encompass custom-made units with educational and play stimuli directly linked to the murals. The projects will involve the use of light projectors and fibre-optic light units to help create some multi-sensory environments to aid movement, therapy and sensory interaction particularly.

The Impact Murals Studio over the years have produced some interesting and diverse concepts and Art. “Our Talking wall paper concept was devised as a possible learning tool particularly for early learning and special needs schools and depicts various scenarios including alphabetical clowns, farm yard and animals, tropical rainforests and jungle, and under sea world.
Our studio and workshop also design and construct cut out 3D mural kits often featuring many tactile elements and built in stimuli. 
Impact Murals had pioneered many years ago very popular and impressive fibre-optic and illuminated murals often featuring realistic twinkling stars and constellations and also dramatic and soothing side glow flowing streams or waterfalls an ideal eye catching centre piece for any Hospital, School, Business or Pool.  

A new venture for Impact Murals; with new artists on the team, we now work digitally too. From any promotion work including posters, leaflets and general branding, web design and more, our creative team also work towards digital manipulation and illustration work. Want your own personalised manipulation? From fairy wings to being super-imposed on the moon, we can do it for you! Any idea, any concept, Impact Murals are excited to launch this new feature to the site.